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We let you know what government and foundation grants are currently available through our user-friendly grant search and grant summaries.

We are the #1 website for International, Canada, and USA federal, state, local, foundation, and corporation grants with more than 23,554 current grants, funding opportunities, awards, contracts and archived grants (that will soon be available again).

Four (4) things make GrantWatch more unique that any other grants search engine.

  1. We add and update new grants and archive past due, daily.
  2. We have exceptional customer service – phone, chat, and email.  Our support office is here for you Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (EST).
  3. We accommodate the varying needs of our individual and multiple users through our research and web development staff.
  4. Our grant detail pages include information of "presentation quality" for a board meeting. They include eligibility, geographic focus, the estimated size of the grant, pre-application information, grant summary, funding source contacts and URLs for grant applications (RFPs)

Where do we find so many grants?  Our team of dedicated GrantWatch researchers and grant associates, publish the newest grants and letters of inquiry (daily) and archive the grants with past funding dates.  Government agencies, foundations, and corporations post the details of their funding opportunity for free) through our dedicated portal, Enter a Grant on the home page.

Frequently Asked Questions:  

What is GrantWatch?

As seen on CBS News, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider, GrantWatch is one of the leading and reputable grant services for securing grants of all types for nonprofits, businesses, and individuals. We are a subscription-based website, and you can create your Free Member account here.

How is GrantWatch different from other grant websites?

While grants are publicly listed on the Federal, Government, and the Small Business Administration websites, GrantWatch has achieved creating an extensive directory, listing all these grants in the one place! This is a particularly powerful tool that also includes hundreds of grants from foundations and corporations, which would otherwise be difficult to discover on their own. One of the features that make our service truly exceptional is our daily database updates: listings are kept current and archived when they expire.

How do I find grants?

We have short and easy tutorial videos you can view on how to find grants, narrow down your search results, and navigate our website:

What is the difference between a Free Member and paying to become a MemberPlus+?

Watch our short tutorial video on How To Become a Free Member and to receive e-newsletters about the latest grants available in your area.

A MemberPlus+ (paid subscriber) will receive access to the full utilization of the website including the full grant information, the keyword search filter, and priority assistance with our grants specialists. Become a MemberPlus+ user here.

Free Members will be able to preview all grants on our database, making it an ideal way to see if GrantWatch is for you. However, you will not be able to view the full grant details, which include eligibility requirements, contact information, and application. You will be able to use other features available such as your grant search history, your grant views, and add grants to your calendar. Become a Free Member here.


Can I search for grants by location?

GrantWatch allows you to filter your grant search by your State. Simply click “Change Location” in the top menu tab and select your state. We are unable to filter by counties or cities at this time.

We specialize in grants for the USA and Canada. We do have some International grants available but we do not specialize in grants for Africa at this time.


Can I search for grants by my industry type?

You are able to filter grant searches from 57 categories available; ranging from Arts and Culture, Community Service, Financial Assistance, Nonprofits, Individuals, Small Business, and grants for Women, just to name a few. You can use the menu on the right-hand side to choose from more categories at any time.

You may qualify for multiple categories, for example: school teachers may find grants in the categories: Teachers, Elementary Education, Children, & Awards.


How do I use the keyword search filter?

A MemberPlus+ subscription is required to access the keyword search filter. Learn how to narrow your grant search using GrantWatch's keyword filter here.

(Please keep in mind that you may need to use a broader term if you are lacking search results. For example, if you are a teacher searching ‘iPads’, you may want to consider using the keyword ‘classroom equipment’ or the phrase ‘improve classroom learning’.)


How can I view the full grant details?

While it is free to preview thousands of qualified and verified grants on the site, a MemberPlus+ subscription is required to access the full grant details; including the grant eligibility and applying, due to GrantWatch providing a service.


How do I find my grant search history?

Simply click on “My Account” in the top right corner once you’ve logged in, and in the dropdown menu select “My Grant Views”.

Am I eligible for grants?

Each grant has different eligibility requirements, so will need to review those before applying. You will need to upgrade to a  MemberPlus+ subscription to view the full grant details.

How much does GrantWatch cost?

Awarded by TopConsumerReviews in 2019 and 2020, GrantWatch offers four various payment tiers starting from $18.00 USD based on the length of your subscription; weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual periods:

  • 1 Week/7 Days Access - $18.00 USD

  • 1 Month/30 Days Access - $45.00 USD

  • Quarterly/90 Days Access - $90.00 USD

  • Annual/365 Days Access - $199.00 USD

This premium also entitles subscribers to the use of their featured keyword search filter, as well as the GrantWatch online support to assist you in finding grants tailored to your needs. Find plans and pricing available here.

What is the cost of multiple-user subscriptions and licenses?

Please contact us here for a custom quote for multiple-user licenses.

Will I need a grant writer?

Each grant has a different application process. Some applications are easy, however, usually the higher the grant amount, the more extensive the application process will be. We recommend hiring a grant writer if you do not feel comfortable doing the grant application process yourself.

How quickly will I receive a grant I’ve applied for?

Each grant process is different based on the grant funder. You will see the details of the grant eligibility, deadline, and application, however, we are not the grant funder so it’s best to contact them directly for further information.


Do you have testimonials?

Yes, please click here to view testimonials from our customers.


Will my subscription renew automatically?

Unless you have turned off your auto-renew option in ‘My Account’, your subscription will renew automatically. You can also turn off your subscription by contacting us.

What to do if I can’t log in to my account?

Here are some helpful troubleshooting tips:

• Ensure you are using the correct email address you used to sign up.
• Try resetting your password.
• Ensure your subscription is still active.
• Try refreshing your page.
• Clear your cache and cookies on your browser.
• Try using another browser (internet explorer, firefox, chrome, safari).

If you are still experiencing further difficulties, please contact us immediately.

How do I cancel my membership?

Simply off your auto-renew option in ‘My Account’, and your subscription will not renew. You can also cancel your membership by contacting us.


Why am I having trouble making a payment?

We use Paypal as our credit card processor which sometimes will not accept debit, prepaid, or corporate credit cards. Please double-check to ensure your billing information matches your the exact information on your credit card. You can try processing your payment again (the system will not be charged twice), or alternatively you can use another credit card. For all annual payments of $199.00, a check will also be accepted as an alternative payment method.


How can I contact GrantWatch?

We are based in Florida, and are open Monday to Friday 9am-6pm. You can call us during these hours on (561) 249-4129. Alternatively, during these hours you can speak with a live grant specialist on the online chat available on the website. Otherwise, please email us at or fill out our contact form here.

What is your refund policy?

You may cancel your account at any time in My Account (under your name when you are logged in – top right corner), and no further amounts will be charged to your credit card. However, you are responsible for any amounts already charged to your credit card or PayPal account.

Refund Policy: Please note that we sell intangible knowledge and information. We do not bear any responsibility and therefore we do not satisfy any refund/return/exchange requests based on an individual or a company finding or not finding a grant for a particular need. Our grant research department works diligently to locate and post new funding opportunities. We have no control as to which grant will be available.

Refunds: is a pay-as-you-go service. Therefore, we do not issue refunds, even if you cancel immediately after your credit card is charged for the new billing period. If you decide to cancel during any term of 3 months or one year or more,  that you have paid for – we will refund based on a $45 per month for any month or partial months. No future charges will then be applied to your credit card.

We treat all customers equally, so we do not make exceptions to this policy.


The grants search engine is now ready to provide your organization with new access options for your staff, members, or patrons. You can offer your building patrons access, incorporate a subscription with your organization's membership, or give your in-house staff or faculty the "search engine that gets results".  You can also provide our free weekly updates with these new licenses with a collaborative logo and heading.

  • Multiple User ID Licenses
  • Library IP License (for limited or unlimited simultaneous users)

Let's schedule some talk time to review your unique multiple subscription or library license needs. Once we speak, we will be able to design a plan for your organization. You will find that our bottom line is not the dollar, but meeting the needs of your staff, members, and patrons.


GrantWatch offers discounts to organizations that purchase 3 or more annual subscriptions. Associations or lead organizations may want to attach a free subscription or a reduced rate to their membership fee. You may be a school district and want to provide subscriptions to all the individual schools.  Perhaps you are a large hospital or university and need multiple memberships for individuals within the organization with different job titles.  With annual multiple user ID licenses, subscribers can search GrantWatch for funding opportunities whilst in the office and at home, after hours.  Request a quote or call 561 249-4129.


Organizations can provide simultaneous limited or unlimited user access to all patrons within the building with site-wide access when using the same or multiple or a proxy IP address. This access can increase the flow of patrons at a library or provide easy access to all within a large institution. Pricing is negotiated case-by-case, based on the organization type and the anticipated size of web traffic by staff or patrons.  Request a quote or call 561 249-4129.


More GrantWatch Statistics:  

New grants are added daily. These statistics are in real-time:

1,028 New Grants Posted on (in the last 7 days).

23,554 Currently Available nonprofit grants, government grants, small business grants, and individual grants. 

13,719 Archived past due grants are archived daily - after careful review, they are brought back on the site when they become current nonprofit grants, small business grants and/or individual grants.


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